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I’m always Shopping…

In the mornings if I can get the good start on the day, grabbing a coffee and than heading over to the flower market is a perfect start. I try to keep an idea of how much I don’t want to spend in my head but when I only grab my credit card to free up my arm space I know I’m in trouble. I love walking cooler to cooler, seeing the vibrant and different textures. Thinking of all the possible designs I could make for a delivery. I love the flowers you never see in typical shops, orange fressia, yellow pin cushions or deep purple ranuculus. I LOVE THEM ALL, I like the classics but nothing turns our head more than a piece of floral you never see before or too often. I think to myself what kind of flowers id have at my wedding and soon give myself a headache with all the favorites id have to choose from. I than make my purchases and walk out with a brown paper wrap of my amazing finds from this mornings venture.