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Are Flowers really important on the Wedding Day ?

There is so much to budget for when we are planning , we go for the look of PERFECT. I understand completely as I am planning my own special day, the truth is when it comes to flowers… the answer is yes they are important. Not just saying it because its my job to sell ; I’m saying it because the picture of you and your fiance is just the two of you ….aaaaaannnnddd the flowers. Flowers add a lot to the picture, usually its the first thing our eyes go to. People forget that its something that distinctly puts the bride into the spotlight. The bouquet is so big and beautiful that in the group picture of all her bridesmaids its the picture that pulls her (The Bride) from the crowd. At the end of the day ts all a rush, its beautiful, happy and sad. Its so much love and listening to people be happy for you. I love seeing my brides beam with joy as I walk into their room and give them their flowers. Is the best part of being a florist, flowers are such a tradition that should never come up short, they enhance the beauty of the whole day.

Sarah Hambrick